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It is recommended for youth of babysitting age who are inexperienced with infants. top Every year young children are killed or injured while playing with a loaded firearm.

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Materials are reflective of the child/youth’s developmental level. top This presentation provides a general summary of sexual abuse and the reporting laws surrounding it.This presentation confronts this sensitive issue by exploring how sexual abuse occurs and how to protect children from it.Helpful tools are given for opening communication with our children about this subject. top This presentation teaches children to say “NO” if Be Some One tries to touch their private areas, to get away from that person as fast as they can and to tell a trusted adult.No Cost Our workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your audience, being respectful of individual situations, while sharing this life-saving information.All programs are taught at your site, with little or no support needed.Examples include videos, handouts and the "use of" interactive dolls. top This presentation explores the dangers, causes, and indicators of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

We discuss some of the techniques to calm a crying infant, and how to better manage anger.

On-going support and training is available for this program. top This workshop provides a thorough review of safety precautions and emphasizes actions staff can take to remain safe when working outside of the office. top We instruct teachers, caregivers, child-care workers, and others who work with children how to recognize the warning signs and indicators of abuse and neglect.

Topics include state reporting laws and how to make a report. top This presentation helps young people define the many forms of dating violence that result from power and control struggles.

Middle through High School students will look at specific dangers and discuss scenarios and safety skills. top Shaken Baby Syndrome is one of the leading causes of infant death in Indiana.

Causes, warning signs, and indicators of Shaken Baby Syndrome are discussed.

Information is also provided to help teens become more aware of the use and effects of date rape drugs. top These workshops are designed to give parents knowledge and skills to be a successful parent.