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Once we access the required fields in the code behind, we need to update the data in the database and show the updated data to the user.If the user clicks the Delete button On Row Deleting event will be fired.


XHamster Click - New & fresh content updated every minute.If that is a Bound Field, cast to that and you will have access to the Data Field property.Update ' Notify the user that the update was successful.Going into that code we are trying to get the primary key of the employee table(Employee ID) by using Grid View Data Key Names and then This entry was posted on March 27, 2009 at am and is filed under ASP.When all you've got is a Hammer, Every Problem looks like a Nail.I understood about the lack of an update command and the labels to display the data, thanks.

Cells(6), Data Control Field Cell) Dim field1Field As Bound Field = Direct Cast(field1Cell.

When I wrote that demo, I also wanted to show that columns could be selected by examining Data Field.

So i think I am giong to change back to boundfields since it did not error, and try to figure out why I was not getting the value that had been entered.

Row Index) Dim field1Cell As Data Control Field Cell = Direct Cast(row.

Then again we have to call that Bind Grid Data () method to bind data for the textboxes.

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