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Bookworms dating reading clubs dates

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Here's a two-for-one: a mini road trip and a leisurely combing of the stacks?Check out this one, where a screened porch lets in the sound of water crashing over jagged rocks in scenic Western Massachusetts, located in a building that was once an gristmill. Novel experiences (pun intended) or misplaced arousal — what causes scary movies to be so perfect for date nights — can lead to heightened feelings of intimacy, ideal for bringing you and your partner way in sync.Talking about what you just heard — and the people you were obviously both eavesdropping/spying on — is the perfect follow-up to an author talk or reading.This is where we can all share our books that we are currently reading for pleasure. Please join up with us Proud bookworms as we read for pleasure as This Book Club Rocks! [close] Please Follow the Rules so we can all have a great time here! Follow the Golden Rule (Treat others how you would like to be treated).2.No Inappropriate Behavior (Cursing, talking about sex, cyber-bullying and stuff) . If you join, please introduce yourself to the group in the welcome fellow club member thread.5.Low noise and lower lighting, a secret entrance, lots of leather?

This one fits the bill — a perfect place for whispering means you get to sit extra-close. OK, maybe it's a little stagey, but don't all bookworms secretly fantasize about reading in public and being the subject of some other page-turner's furtive glancing?

Need ideas about how to recreate your favorite meal from A Song of Ice and Fire? If none of these 11 options speak to you, there's always book trivia night, which definitely needs to exist.

Bonus points if you've both read the book so you can do the whole compare-contrast thing.

Here are 10 reasons why you should date one:1) We’re open-minded Last, but certainly not least, they don't call us bookworms for giggles!

We're well-versed in the book world and are happy to show it show off.

That stuff won't be tolerated here and will have you booted out of the club.3. If you do book promotions, only do so in the promotions folder. Only Book club Hostesses can post threads to the book club.