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Bookworms dating reading clubs dates

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If you're treating yourself to a solo date, bring the novel you can't put down to your favorite cafe and indulge in something luxuriously caffeinated while you marvel in a story and your own irresistibility.

This is a book club where we will share our current reads in ebooks, regular books, audiobooks, graphic novels and more.Whether you and your bae get a little lost or take a guided tour, learning about another time and place can be a totally transporting experience.The Wallace Stevens Walk in Hartford, Connecticut takes you on the poet's perambulatory commute — he never learned to drive.Those in a relationship with a bookworm right now can surely attest to how great we are.Book lovers are awesome people, if I dare say so myself.Same if you are an author and need reviews for your work If you post anywhere other than author promotions, the post will be deleted.

If you’re looking for a significant other, you might want to tap into the literary world.

Just because the love-filled holiday Valentine's Day just passed, you still have 364 more days to be dating your bookworm sweetheart.

And that can up the ante on date ideas for book nerds.

Here are 10 reasons why you should date one:1) We’re open-minded Last, but certainly not least, they don't call us bookworms for giggles!

We're well-versed in the book world and are happy to show it show off.

This is where we can all share our books that we are currently reading for pleasure. Please join up with us Proud bookworms as we read for pleasure as This Book Club Rocks! [close] Please Follow the Rules so we can all have a great time here! Follow the Golden Rule (Treat others how you would like to be treated).2.