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Ultimate collection of dating books david deangelo and others

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Overall if you can borrow disc 3 and 4 I would, skip the rest except for the beginning of disc 5 for the wing girls. Tyler ran what looked to me like a mini RSD, and Mystery's comments on this program are what really got me interested in this stuff.: my journey from student to approach coach, to instructor, to master instructor, to stripper destroyer). Try Walking In My Shoes You'll Stumble In My Footsteps There's definitely a lot of crossover between his programs. I'll bet that a lot of the guys attending that seminar were deathly afraid to approach women. Tyler also appears on the Meeting Women In Bars & Clubs program, but Mystery doesn't, although he'd probably break down A1-C1 like he did in the Mastery and Approaching Women programs. pulled a Lincoln Park like when they remade their first cd(Reanimation). I have the mystery dvd set and I would say that it would have been a lot better in a presentation format like DYD instead of a number of clips.

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At this point (after watching almost all of his dvds, I have a few left but I have watched well over 50 percent), I have to say he is very good at inner game but he offers little else. Ben, a guest speaker, was just talking about random garbage.This is pdf book with conversation examples from Zan Perrion Enlightened Seduction - The Way of the Natural DVD Set.I want to start off by saying you'll need an open mind if you're going to read this review.One of the strong positives of this series is that he brings out a lot of guest speakers. Some of the speakers (as with the Cliff's Conference) were not that strong but that is bound to happen.Again it is always fun to see people talk about different things.One stays with him and social proofs him and the other tries to pick up girls and bring them over for him to meet. TD brought these kids on stages (from the audience) and really forced them to try to conversate. As much as alot of people hate on him I think he is a brilliant tactician and he has a strong presence.

They brought out craig who had some "cute" pickup lines.

A dvd set like this should be almost all outer game IMO. Mystery and Tyler were by far the best part of the whole series, actually toecutter was pretty good too.

I would say close to 60% is inner game way too much something that is talking about approaching and starting a conversation. Those wing girls were not that hot (OK one was pretty hot) but they were both annoying as hell and offered almost 0 useful info.

One other strong positive is he spends alot of time addressing the needy male (what he calls a wussy).

If you have the time, money and patience def check it out. David D has very good information he offers in his programs.

But as soon as I started applying his methods and reading the books her recommended reading, everything started to become clear to me.