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Dating latvija in arab

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In addition to Lebanese, there are Arabs from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia and Algeria, amongst other countries. Abu Meri, there are about 500 Arabs registered as living in Latvia, but of these less than 200 are presently there.The rest, he says, are “working in Scandinavia, the UK or elsewhere in Europe.” Those who have left did so primarily for economic reasons and job opportunities elsewhere.

In general, it’s really nice here in Latvia and you can make it if you try.” He says that most of the Latvians he has met speak English, even amongst the older generations.“At its core, the ACC tries to preserve the Arab culture, and to help people integrate into society and life in Latvia,” explains Dr Abu Meri.Over the past six months, the centre has held a major cultural project offering free Arabic language courses to Latvians, and free Latvian courses for Arabs living in Latvia.He still has a brother and a sister in Egypt, but hasn’t been back since he left.When I ask him how his time in Latvia has been, he describes it as “normal”, though he likes the country because “it’s calm, empty and has much natural beauty.” Hesham is one of an estimated 500 Arabs currently living in Latvia.Another 1.15% are German, Estonian, Roma, Jewish, Tatar, Armenian, Moldovan or Azerbaijani.

Less than 2.7% of Latvia’s population is classed as ethnically ‘other’.

According to the 2014 ethnicity data from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, ethnic Latvians account for 61.6% of the country’s 1.9 million inhabitants.

Ethnic Russians make up 25.8%, and Belarusians, Ukrainians, Poles and Lithuanians account for a total of just over 9%.

I was 18 when I arrived and I changed a lot in my time here,” he explains, adding proudly that he now feels like “a true Latvian and European.” Dr.

Abu Meri is married to former Minister for the Interior, Linda Murniece. “I have received hate mail in the past,” he says, though he’s pragmatic about it.

by Lidija Liegis, RIGA Hesham Dawoud came to Latvia eight years ago with his Latvian wife, who he says he met online.