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Heroic sir Stirling Moss has cheated death for the second time in six months.

But Newnham left two months later, claiming he had not been paid.Sylvia says: This is not only sad, but it seems so petty-minded.'I have lived here for more than 25 years and we have never had this before.Newnham is now claiming the money, plus interest and court fees from Hanson. there are two sides to every story.' But it is all a far cry from when Robert joined Rothschilds in the eighties, later joining the eponymous company of his tycoon father, who was Baroness thatcher's favourite industrialist.============On the mend after scalding himself with hot soup, retired celebrity crimper Leonard of Mayfair has been regaling friends with his recollections of cutting the hair of reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, who by the end of his life in 1976 had a trim only once a year.Recalls Leonard, 72: 'When I was cutting his hair I said: 'Howard, take those Kleenex boxes off your feet, or I'll fill them with your hair and sell them for filling pillow cases.' Boris Johnson is being lovingly nursed by former glamour model Jilly Johnson after being taken to hospital when he was bitten by a snake.

But before London Mayor Boris Johnson's long-suffering wife Marina consults divorce lawyers, Jilly, 58, explains: 'Boris is my 14 st Great Dane. I found him lying on the floor panting in a terrible state of shock.'Now back home in Hertfordshire after a week in the Queen Mother's hospital for Animals, Potters Bar, Boris is feeling much better.

The glad tidings are that workmen have finished refurbishing the newly extended family flat over three floors above Numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street.

The less happy news is that the state-of-the-art new stainless-steel kitchen doesn't fit, and neither do the carpets.

The race at the Monterey Motorsports reunion in California, earlier this month, was the first outing for sterling's pride and joy - a vintage £1.1 million Porsche rs61, which he bought this year.

But, during the warm-up lap, he spun off the track while negotiating a tight corner, narrowly missing the barriers. Now back home in London, Sir Stirling tells me: 'i was just getting out of the car when another driver smashed into the back of me. In fact, I'm going to be taking part in a race again this weekend.' Fans can find him at the Oulton Park Gold cup in Cheshire - what a trouper.===========Feisty actress Sylvia Syms, who played the Queen Mother in the Oscar-winning film the Queen, alongside Dame Helen Mirren, has had a distinctly unregal response to her plans to hold her annual Red Cross fundraising garden party in the green space in front of her West London home.

The company in question, based in Spain, is Woodman Entertainment, founded by fashion photographer- turned-pornographer Pierre Woodman, the creator of more than 60 X-rated films, who claims to have bedded more than 3,500 women.