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Error in updating the agent time stamp file

error in updating the agent time stamp file-45

Windows 7 users find the troubleshooter when they click on the Start orb, select Control Panel Troubleshooting and there the Fix problems with Windows Update link.

Dispatcher No Server Header 1 # if turned to 1, request to I are not handled by the dispatcher # use the mod_alias t hen for the correct mapping Dispatcher Decline Root 0 The line, Dispatcher Log logs/indicates the name of the Dispatcher log file.[Tue Oct 16 2012] [D] [1376(1532)] cachefile does not exist or is a directory: \Library\Web Server\cache\[Tue Oct 16 2012] [D] [1376(1532)] try to create new cachefile: \Library\Web Server\cache\[Tue Oct 16 2012] [D] [1376(1532)] cache-action for [/index.html]: CREATE The web server page data is cached to the location specified in the /docroot attribute of the /cache section in the When you identify that the specific page information is not getting cached, go the The caching options in CQ are configured through the configuration file.To allow for a robust caching mechanism, the file provides a number of configuration options.A click on Next starts a scan that should take less than 30 seconds to complete.

Problems and issues that have been found are automatically repaired by the troubleshooting process.

What can you do if the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Update fails?

The answer depends largely on the error code that you get directly on the screen or in the Windows event log.

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The Windows Update progress bar is not updated during the scan, and progress seems to stop at 60% complete for some time. The scan is still running and you should not cancel the update.