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Gotorussia rudating

Connecting the written word with the actual item gives you visual reinforcement.

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You also know it’s a good idea for language learners to spend some time abroad.Which is totally fine with you because you really, really, really want to go to Russia……but you just can’t swing a trip right now.So what can you do to give yourself a full Russian-language experience at home?Make sure you have access to some music by some of your favorite Russian singers, add some DVDs of your favorite Russian movies or Netflix ’em, and while you’re sitting there, be sure to listen, watch and hunt down more online Russian language resources.Also make sure to leave some space on that desk so you can read your books or write in your Russian journal.), you can listen to podcasts, you can watch cartoons. Some of these sites will have subtitles; others will not. But whether or not you understand or are even listening actively, just having the sound of Russian playing in the background will help you immerse yourself in the language.

It’s a lot of work to track down audio sites yourself, or to read through blogs and decide what you want to try, and maybe you don’t want to take—or even have! A convenient option that will save you all the trouble is Fluent U.

And you should do that, whether or not you’re learning in a traditional setting or independently.

If you’re just starting out, Vocabulary Stickers are a great option.

It wouldn’t be too surprising these days to find houses with a Putin corner!

So as a devoted Russian language learner, you can imitate this traditional Russian idea by creating a Russian corner in your room. Anything that reminds you of Russian and your desire to learn Russian; anything that might inspire you to one day take that trip to Russia.

They’re fun, colorful labels representing the most important words in a language that you can attach to everyday items at home or work.