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Dominant free video chat

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Google split feature apart with its new Allo and Duo text and video chat apps, and both haven't exactly found a ton of traction yet.Skype is the de facto way to connect when you're unsure of the equipment of the people to whom you're connecting.The powerful videoconferencing application runs on just about anything with an Internet connection, including i OS and Android devices, Macs and PCs, and even some televisions.To kick things off, just start a group text chat as you would normally; you'll now see a button in the top corner that lets you ring the participants for a video chat.Given how Messenger is quickly becoming one of the most dominant communication platforms out there, it makes perfect sense for Facebook to add this feature in -- it's a little surprising it took this long, to be honest.But if one of you is on a computer and the other is on a video-game console, you'll probably need to find something a bit more robust.

You know a technology has caught on when it becomes a verb.

The app has had video calling for a good year and a half now, but it was only one-on-one -- but now the app can compete directly with services like Facetime and Skype, both of which offer video calls with multiple participants.

Facebook says its group video chat supports up to six participants -- but you can include up to 50 more participants who can listen in, speak up via voice chat and send a variety of stickers, emoji, GIFs and other foolishness into the conversation.

The technology has come a long way since it popped up as a business tool in the 1990s and evolved into consumer software in the past decade.

Nearly every modern smartphone and laptop comes ready for video chatting, but that ubiquity can be tricky to navigate because features differ across software, and applications aren't necessarily compatible with each other and with all hardware.

Yet here we are, with dozens of ways to send our voices and faces over the Web.