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Bt vision tv guide not updating

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Issue: Poor signal/image quality or no picture Step one: If you’re getting an error message when you go on a specific channel, check with this tool to find out what the error message means and follow the steps from there.

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Either fuzzy, glitched, spotty or just not being received at all, there’s little more annoying than broken TV signal, except perhaps a broken BT SIM card.Finally, press the red button (not the red record button) to restore any hidden channels.Step three: Retune your box by going to settings re-tune channels.Remote recording requests should be set at least 15 minutes before the programme starts.Please note your selected programme will be recorded if it does not clash with other recordings, and you have space available on your You View box.For a variety of reasons channels can be removed from the guide, so it’s worth checking if that’s the vase.

Step two: Check to see any hidden channels by going to the TV guide, pressing the yellow button on your remote and then entering your You View PIN.

At a BT TV customer, you’re often better protected than the likes of Sky, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

So, in this guide we’re going to share how to solve your audio visual issues on BT TV. Picture issues on You View boxes aren’t a particularly rare issue.

Connecting the app to your You View box:• Download the App to your i Phone or i Pad from the App Store• Make sure your TV and You View set-top box are switched on, and your i Phone or i Pad is connected to the same network• Press ‘Connect’ and your App will search for your You View box• When your You View box is found simply hit ‘Next’.

If you have multiple You View boxes, follow the instruction on screen to select the box you want to connect to• Pick up your remote control, confirm the connection and look at the App highlights while you wait to be connected That’s it – device and box should become best of friends.

Step three: Check the Digital UK website to see if there any planned engineering works in your area which might affect your service.