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There is no such thing as "secure" SSL when you have potential Men-In-The-Middle at scores of data centers around the world.

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The Cloud Flare certificates below encrypt the traffic only between the browser and Cloud Flare.The "ssl2796" in the name is a Cloud Flare tracking ID in the 136,535 root domains we found that use "standard" (not "universal") Cloud Flare certificates.Every root domain also has a subdomain wildcard line (*, which we deleted to save space.Now add Cloud Flare's free fly-by-night "universal" SSL.When you email Cloud Flare to open your new account, they ask for your domain.Suppose that grandpa, age 90, gets an official-looking email that advises him to immediately change his password.

He clicks on the URL in the email and ends up at bankofamerica.q4

We compiled this list by attempting a handshake with the Cloud Flare domains in our database.

The "standard" certificates on this page (with "ssl" in front of the number instead of "sni") mean that the domain has a paid account at Cloud Flare.

If so, it would make no difference whether the origin server has its own certificate.

Cloud Flare may claim that there is no way plaintext can be accessed from their equipment racks, despite the fact that some sort of decrypt and re-encrypt must occur there due to the nature of their role as a CDN.

If those IPs change, then block Cloud Flare's entire IP space, and continue to monitor the situation.