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D., is nothing new — scientists showed in 2015 that female orgasm used to be necessary for ejecting eggs — but a few logical leaps allowed him to take this thought even further and link it to the female orgasm.

Their contemporary approach sets it apart from those of traditional matchmakers and it is the original matchmaking/consultation service that allows most non-millionaire members to join for free, while charging most clients $25,000 to $100,000 per year.The site includes a special “celebrity guest columnist” section for fans to follow and get a sneak peak into the world of love plus the exclusive Love Report podcast can also be heard on i Tunes.There is no site like Patti that gives you 24/7 relationship advice at your fingertips.In a way, Safron sees women’s winding hips, twerking butts, and undulating waists as a sort of hypnosis that parallels what’s going on in the body during sex and orgasm — one that can predict how good their orgasms can be.He goes on to suggest that different dance and sex partners might induce different rhythmic responses from an individual, so perhaps the partner who induces the best “orgasmic responding” from a woman is her ideal mate.So, maybe the ability of a female to dance can predict her ability to have an orgasm — and, in turn, indicate how fertile she is.

His line of reasoning is informed by a long list of studies on sexual stimulation and introduces a way to bridge the gap represented by our lack of knowledge about orgasm mechanics.

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His hypothesis certainly makes some wild leaps, but the idea that both dance and sexual stimulation induce not only physically rhythmic movement but also some cyclical physiological feedback processes in the body is interesting.

It’s especially compelling in light of his assertion that orgasm is the culmination of “deepening sensory absorption and trance” brought on by such rhythms.

The same reasoning doesn’t seem to apply to males because they don’t have eggs that require orgasms to pop out.