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Typically those guys who suspect that their phones are listened behave more carefully (putting a cell phone into a metal box completely disables the communication with the tower, If box has a foam lining it pretty much disable sound too -- both those materials are cheap and widely available).

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Whether this is done in the name of fighting terrorism, communist agents, or infiltration of Martians does not matter.As we have all found out, that trust is misplaced, as "cloud" services were systematically abused.In a way after Snowden revelations we all now need to learn Aesop language (slang is actually almost in-penetratable to computer analysis, unless they are specifically programmed for the particular one) and be more careful.All this talk about NSA or CIA ability to listen to your phone or you via your TV looks like grossly exaggerated threat.Collection of just headers which can be done automatically and "for the duration of your life" provides much more revealing information.When everyone using an Android smartphone is forced to wear Google's digital straitjacket.

This can be a very bad thing, and it make combination of a "regular phone" and a 7 inch tablet much more attractive then smartphone (and available a fraction of the cost).

IMHO First of all you deprive yourself from the possibility to learn strong and weak point of different search engines.

The second Google stores all searches, possibly indefinitely, so you potentially expose yourself to a larger extent by using a single provider.

As long as access to such data is extremely cheap, as is the case with both Android and Apple smartphones, it will be abused by the government and some activities will be done without any court orders.

In other words if technical means of snooping are cheap they will be abused.

It is duty of concerned citizens who object this practice to make them more expensive and less effective.