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Who is john krasinki dating

“So in our version, James Greer is just Jack’s immediate boss; in the books and movies, he’s way above him in the CIA. He’s a really successful analyst, but in our story, he gets his first experience in the field, and we get to see how that works out for him.” As Krasinski joked at one point during the panel, he is approximately the 73rd actor to play the titular hero on screen.

“As you can see from the first seven minutes, I spend some time in an office, so I had a little experience with that.He's showing you the best celebrity real estate listings of the week.Peek inside Taylor Swift's West Village squad hangout, Emily Blunt and John Krasinki's $8 million Brooklyn house and the Beverly Hills home where Reese Witherspoon lived during her marriage to Ryan Phillippe.When he gets there, we learn that Pierce is actually playing James Greer, Jack’s new boss. That wasn’t all the Jack Ryan team had for fans, though.They also unveiled a brand-new trailer for the series, which used several shots from those first minutes but also featured Cornish as Dr.“The Office is 1,000 percent the greatest job I’ll have in that way, because it was my first job and it gave me so many opportunities, but I wanted to use those opportunities to try new things.

So I was proud to be in 13 Hours and then to have my life completely changed by my experiences with the military since.

Once the panel opened up to audience questions, several people asked Krasinski about this transition.

First, he pointed out that the leap from Jim to Jack is not as big as some might think.

To spend your time doing stuff for people you’ve never met and will never meet, and to dedicate your whole life to that, there’s nothing more heroic than that to me.

I’m very honored to play the part.” Check out the new trailer above.

Tom Clancy fans and Amazon Prime subscribers will have to wait until 2018 to get a full look at the latest version of Jack Ryan, but the cast and creators — stars John Krasinski and Abbie Cornish, showrunner Carlton Cuse, and writer Graham Roland — were able to give them an extended sneak peek during their New York Comic Con panel on Saturday.