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Dating computer games

For those that do not know, I’m a self made millionaire and I live in Kumamoto-shi Japan originally from the USA.

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When you start a new hole, the game will give you some information about new elements you haven't seen before.Clicking the mouse wheel button will return the camera to the most zoomed out view.The interface for shooting the ball in Mini Golf Madness is fairly simple - move the aiming line where you want the ball to go, pull away from the ball to set the strength of your shot, then click the left mouse button to shoot. Don't worry about inadvertently shooting the ball when you click to pan the screen, either - we detect movement before you release the mouse button, so you won't shoot by accident.The fewer shots it takes to sink the ball, the better your score and the more Tokens you'll win.There are two kinds of courses: - "Standard" Pogo courses: These courses are always available, and the list will grow over time.There will be a total of four courses available to start (including one Club Pogo-exclusive course), but new courses will be added over time, so keep coming back to look for more new holes to play!

Club Pogo members will have access to more exclusive Mini Golf Madness courses over time.

You probably won't get an amazing score the first time through a new course, but that's okay!

They're meant to be difficult to master, but it is possible to score below Par - sometimes even more than one shot below Par - on each and every hole in the game. ) Pay close attention to how the ball bounces off walls and obstacles, and especially what happens to the ball when it rolls over course features like sand, rough, and ice.

- "Weekly" courses: As you might expect from the name, these courses are generated every week by randomly pulling holes from the current "Standard" courses.

That means you'll see holes you've already played before but in an entirely different order than you're used to, making for a whole new game experience!

Weekly courses will be available for several months before being cleared from the list.