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Completely free to message sex date

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“Jenny, you look absolutely adorable,” I complimented, putting my hand on her bare shoulder. A successful seduction requires reading the prey and knowing whether to go fast or slow and this was definitely not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am type of seduction. Jenny’s face was flaming red; she was either not used to such compliments or, as I was hoping. “Although there is nothing wrong with liking girls,” after a long pause, I added, again building on the complex web of seduction I was creating, “I do.” “You do what? “I only date women now,” I admitted, adding, “after that asshole of an ex-husband left me and Max, I decided to swing the other way and it has been a very good decision.” “Y-y-you are a lesbian? “N-n-no,” she said, her face the darkest red possible. Here is your computer it is as working as good as the day you bought it.” “Thank you,” she said, her mind clearly elsewhere. She then would go to a teen advice site, read all the new questions and often gave advice to them or just comment. Dr Meg: They are stockings with an elastic top to hold them up by themselves around your thigh. She pulled her fingers out of me as the never-ending orgasm continued through my body. I could taste my own juices on her lips; it was so naughty, so sweet and so natural. I enjoyed how real the fantasy was, you could probably write for Literotica with that nasty mind of yours. ” “Yes.” I moved down her neck, giving gentle soft kisses. I licked, nibbled and sucked on her perky firm breasts. I reached her panties and slowly, seductively, slid them off.

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She always wears her dark brown hair in pigtails or a braid and her glasses made her look like a nerd or a geek, whatever term you prefer. Jenny78ph: Um, still me, although I do look sexier. Jenny78ph: I suppose, I have always been insecure about how others see me. Once naked, I never felt more vulnerable as she looked me over. At that exact moment I picked up the phone called her cell number. Her breathing was stilted and it was obvious she had obeyed my instruction. “I hate to ask last minute, but I desperately need a babysitter tonight,” I said, adding, “any chance you can be a dear and come over? “You can call me Megan,” I said, dropping another hint of my double identity. Jenny78ph: Like a friend who is a girl or a ‘girlfriend’. “Jenny, I know exactly what you need.”I said gently, “even if you don’t.Sometimes she clicked on titles, other times she would use the search engine searching words such as: submission, submissive, obey, school girl, etc. For example, I am wearing a garter and stockings right now, with a skirt and a tight sweater. I waited a few minutes before responding, not wanting to look to eager myself. I lifted her foot to my mouth and took each delicate toe into my mouth. I moved back up to her delicious pussy and gave her one more long, wide lick, before sliding down her right leg and replicated the toe sucking.Some of the titles she read included: “Suburban Submission”, “Cynthia’s Submission”, “The Professor’s New Toy”, “Bashful Betty” and most interesting “Seducing the Babysitter”. Anyways, your answers to my questions made it clear you lack self-confidence. Therefore, I believe how you look and what you wear builds self-confidence. These build my confidence as I get many looks from other men and women. I moved up, kissing behind her knee, her mid thigh, her clit, up her belly and then her lips.My suspicions were right; she was at the very least curious about being with a woman, but way too shy to do anything about it. Usually, it takes a while to come, but in a couple of minutes I could feel the volcano eruption of lust bubbling inside. Dr Meg: You stress easily and have no real outlet to release your stress, so I assume you either read or watch a lot of porn online. Her hands trembled slightly, but slowly she tossed her blouse on the floor.Being a dominant personality, dozens of naughty ideas bounced around my head. “Oh god, fuck my cunt is burning,” I moaned, as she slid a finger inside me. Her small, perky breasts peaked out from her white lace bra. “Please take off the skirt.” Jenny obeyed sliding the skirt down her stocking clad legs.But she always ended the night by going to reading sex stories. Dr Meg: Right now, I want you to change into nylons. Looking into my eyes, she smiled and said, “You understand you are now my property. “Tomorrow, you are going to become the cheerleading team’s personal pussy-pleaser,” she promised. That night she was on MSN clearly stressed about what she had sent me. Jenny78ph: That story was so embarrassing; I can’t believe I sent it. The ripe young lesbian-to-be stood before me naked, except for a pair of thigh high stockings.

She always started on the newest stories and then would search lesbian sex stories. I have been stressed about it all day thinking about what you must think of me. Fantasy is natural and a great way to relieve stress. I gave her one gentle lick on her newly trimmed pussy and allowed my tongue to roam down her left leg.

I told her I would send the questionnaire soon, and spent an hour thinking of the right things to ask. I continued licking, sucking and nibbling her clit, while I slid a finger inside her warm hole and pumped it in and out. “Now suck my cock, my pet.” She leaned forward and took my plastic cock in her mouth.

The potential seduction is a temperamental thing and could either pull her in or scare her off. Jenny screamed, “Oh my god, don’t stop, yes, yes, it feels so good.” I continued to heat her up, get her revved for more and after a few more minutes of licking and fingering, I suddenly stood up. Watching my cute, shy, sweet teenage babysitter slowly bobbing up and down on my cock was one of the hottest moments of my life.

Anyways, Jenny was a senior in high school and had turned 18 a couple months ago when I started noticing that she was often checking out my long legs and large breasts. She commented, “Why do you hide such a beautiful body with such unflattering clothes.” My face flushed again at a compliment from the girl I had fantasized about forever, the girl that made me reconsider my sexuality. “Aaaaah, please lick my vagina,” I moaned, giving myself to her. Jenny78ph: Sorry, yes Mistress, I will obey ALL instructions. ” I shook my head when I realized I had used the word ‘dear’. Jenny said, “OK, Megan, I will be there at eight.” “Eight is great,” I quipped, before adding, “See you then.” I hung up and saw Jenny had continued our cyber conversation. You are submissive and a people pleaser, as your naughty story clearly showed. You are confused about your sexuality, and tonight I will help you discover your true sexuality.” “Kkkkkk,” she whimpered, my finger causing her great pleasure, a constant teasing distraction.

Her constant glances had me wondering if she may be a lesbian or at least curious and decided to find out. Jenny78ph: I don’t mean to be rude, but how will this help me relieve my stress. “I-I-I don’t know.” “You don’t know how sexy you are, do you? “Um, I,” babbled unable to complete a full thought, drowning in the compliments and in the desire to be touched. “Vagina,” she laughed softly, her fingers meandering to my other nipple. ” I paused, I almost never swore, but her fingers pinching my nipple had me distracted and horny. Do you want an online Mistress to guide you as you attempt to discover your true sexuality? Dr Meg: And you will obey my instructions without hesitation? Dr Meg: Now slide two fingers in that sweet cunt of yours and come for Mistress Megan. Luckily she didn’t make the correlation that her next door neighbor Megan and the online Mistress were one and the same. We will continue our conversation tomorrow, is that clear, my dear? Jenny78ph: That is ok, I have to go babysit for my neighbor in an hour. You want to explore your sexuality but don’t know how to even start. “Please, don’t stop,” she again whispered, such words difficult for her to say. ” I questioned, pushing her deeper into admitting her desires and needs. “I do need to make something very clear, my dear,” I whispered, my tongue darting in and out of her ear. ” she asked, clearly distracted by my finger in her pussy and my tongue in her ear. I will take you to new levels of euphoria you have only imagined. ” “Yes,” she admitted, as if such a declaration was something to be ashamed of. “But if you submit to me tonight, I will expect you to be my submissive.

BEDDING THE BABYSITTER Summary: A lesbian neighbor uses the internet to seduce her innocent babysitter. If possible get the following colors: black, white, pink and mocha. Jenny78ph: That they will Dr Meg: While you are out pay attention if anyone notices the new you. Her moans increased and I was soon rewarded with the sweetest taste God had created as her juices flooded out of her onto my tongue, lips and face. “By the way, for future reference you should erase your daily history so people like your Mom or conniving neighbors don’t learn all your secrets.” “Aaaaaaah,” she gasped as my finger slowly penetrated her fevered pussy. You are a lesbian and submissive; I am a lesbian and dominant,” I explained.