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Ashley began working as a chemist at Jabot Cosmetics as "Susan Ashley" to keep from being labeled the boss' daughter and romance developed with chemist Brian Forbes.Later that year, Ashley found Jack in bed with his lover, Diane Jenkins, and hauled him to the Church Of The Sacred Heart late for his wedding to Patty Williams.

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During her rescue, Kurt winded up being shot and Ashley went along as he was rushed to the hospital.Ashley recovered thanks to Steven's devotion, and they were married.During their honeymoon in Hawaii they were stalked by Leanna Randolph, a former mental patient of Steven's who fantasized that they were lovers.Stuck between two women, Ashley and Hope, Kurt eventually chose to go to Kansas with Hope. Ashley's husband, Cole Howard, assumed that Ashley was having an affair with Rafael because he did not know who Rafael was.While she was trying to break up Ashley and Cole's marriage, Rafael briefly dated Victoria Newman but nothing serious developed between them.However, Dina and John Abbott were married at the time of Ashley's birth so Dina (and everyone else who knew) kept Ashley's paternity a secret from John even until his death.

In 1982, Ashley and Traci Abbott returned home from college.

An attraction grew between the two and they began dating but Kurt's mysterious past kept getting in the way of their happiness.

Kurt's past included a wife and a daughter who were killed in a car accident—something for which Kurt had always blamed himself.

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Nikki tried to get Ashley away from the ranch when Nikki found Ashley and Victor being drawn to each other. Deciding to fight for Victor, she tried to pair Ashley with Victor's brother, Matt Miller. Nikki and Victor separated, and Ashley and Victor were in love.