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Dating violence on valentines day

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If the love that you share is genuine and real then it really wouldn’t matter if you are sitting at an elegant restaurant having dinner, or sitting at the seaside enjoying each others company.When it comes to expressing emotions or showing how we really feel about the ones we love, some of us are clueless.

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Unfortunately, it is a fact that the emphasis of the day’s celebration seems to be placed more on making the woman feel special, instead of each other.My man would know before he leaves the house how special he is to me.During the day, spontaneous and occasional flirty messages, giving him subliminal hints of what is in store for our evening, would add to what’s to come.She accused me of having moved, and that her looking for me had caused her to trip on a metal bar and bang her shin.She screamed at me and wouldn’t listen as I tried to explain she was mistaken.The roses, chocolates, diamonds and other gifts…these do add to the wow of the moment.

All of us love to be on the receiving end of extravagance.

She’d asked me to wait near the restaurant while she nipped back to the cabin.

She was gone ages and when she came back her face was contorted with rage.

They may not express it often enough but anything you do in the line of things they like to do can be an incentive to you. At the end of the day ladies, you need to get this: your man wants to know he means the world to you at all times.

Men are often the ones that are overlooked in regards to Valentine’s Day celebration. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to make your man feel special.

It was the first time we’d rowed and I was shaken by the intensity of her anger.