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Two quieter, smaller bars are situated left and right of the front entrance whilst an ancient flagged corridor between them leads down to a large and well-populated bar at the rear of the pub.Live music is a regular feature of the back bar which is counted as a jazz headquarters by the local fraternity of that genre.

The combined ages of those three pubs reach into literally thousands of years.A the sight of members of the Jackson family on the front door was always a familiar one and added stability and the feeling of being in a ‘local’ to a visit to The Bell.Nowadays under the ownership of Greene King Brewery, the pub remains essentially the same as it ever was and of course that is the true beauty of it.If you should ever one day read this, Geoff, Rue, Gary and all, bless you, happy days and I hope you are all doing well.The Bell Inn was under the steady stewardship of the Jackson family for over a century until they finally severed their ties in 2002 by selling to the Hardy & Hanson Brewery.With an orange juice on the old table in front of me and listening to the very adult chatter of older men, before we departed for an afternoon at Nottingham Forest’s City Ground, I felt very much in awe of the scene.

When I was old enough I began to visit there with my old friend, Frankie where we would regularly reach a comatose state after demolishing a few drams.

Nottingham has many caves of course, mainly man-made by burrowing out the soft Bunter Sandstone that the city is built upon.

The Bell Inn’s underground caves are put to good use as beer cellars.

The Bell Inn in Market Square is a tradition in the Lace City.

Three bars and an upstairs restaurant give the customer a good choice upon entering.

‘The Bell’ was renowned as being under the ownership of a certain William Clarke.