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Who is emma watson dating now

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Writer and radio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer tweeted “Emma Watson: ‘Feminism, feminism...

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“I wish it had been around longer.” She added: “Definitely check it out.Our culture is very important, of course, but this feels like a moment where someone has said, 'Your culture is irrelevant at this moment.It's more about whether you feel like you're right for this role and what you're brining to it.More than 100 women were reported to have had their personal Apple i Cloud accounts hacked, including Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and actress Jessica Brown Findlay.In the wake of that mass attack, Lawrence called the hack a “sex crime” and said that anyone who looked at them had committed a “sexual offence” and should “cower with shame”. Those who argue that Watson and her showbiz colleagues “should know better” than to have anything on their digital devices they wouldn’t be happy for the rest of the world to see, need a serious reality check.n oft used analogy is that you wouldn’t leave your house unlocked.

That if you park your Ferrari in a crime-ridden area and it gets broken into, then you haven’t got a leg to stand on.

It is being reported that Watson, along with a number of other high profile women, has had a images stolen from her phone and leaked online.

Representatives for the egardless, it seems possible that they do capture her in a state of undress.

Only this month, we learnt via Wikileaks that the CIA’s "Weeping Angel" programme provided agency hackers with access to Samsung Smart TV. " RH9— Julia Hartley-Brewer (@Julia HB1) March 1, 2017ny reaction along these lines, is just what the hackers want.

But we do have a reasonable expectation of privacy and when criminals (for that’s what they are) hack into our phone and steal (for that’s what they have done) information, the onus should not be placed on the victim not to have had such material in the first place. Theirs is a mission to remove power from women in the public eye, who have taken control of their own image, and make them vulnerable.

This was, after all, the woman who made her name via a sex tape and in numerous subsequent semi-naked selfies. in a shoot that was widely referred to as ‘topless’ but which was, in fact, less revealing than many bikinis. If we play into the hackers hands again, we risk becoming a nation of peeping toms - or worse, as Lawrence put it, “sexual offenders”.