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Alex fong dating stephy

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In a previous interview with Toggle, Lingling said, “My dad would often ask why I wanted to be with him.He said that other than being considerably older than me, Shinan was also not very well-off and was also always playing the villain roles in television shows.”However, their relationship has managed to withstand the test of time and Lingling’s father eventually came around, realising that she should be the one making her own choices about who she should date.

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Aside from sponsoring the children myself, I also wish to make my personal appeal to the public to join our cause.” He continued, “I am particularly concerned with the living conditions of children in China and I want to do my best to help them.We look at 10 celebrity couples who have found their soulmates, weathered through all storms with them, and have stayed by each other’s side for decades.Chow Yun Fat and Jasmine Tan 31 years together Their relationship secret: Always be the first to apologise and never lose your temper Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat surprised many in 1986 when he announced that he had wed Singaporean Jasmine Tan, despite repeatedly claiming that he had no plans of marriage following his first unsuccessful short-lived one.Yun Fat would even specially make a trip to purchase Jasmine’s favourite meal and would sometimes go the extra mile to give her a pleasant surprise by planning an advance birthday gift for her.While their marriage might seem perfect from the outside, the journey has not always been smooth sailing.Since assuming the role of Plan Ambassadors, renowned artistes Alex Fong and Stephy Tang have been tremendously supportive of Plan International Hong Kong.

Not content to be child sponsors at a distance, they also visited their sponsored children in Kon Tum Province, Vietnam in order to gain first-hand experience of their living and learning environments.

If you need more proof that Jasmine married the ‘perfect husband’, Yun Fat had previously also said that he would always be the first to apologise as he feels that “the relationship with my wife is more important than anything else.”“Many things in life have no definite right or wrong, and I see no point in insisting your stand,” he said.

The 62-year-old actor’s career may have taken off and given him a name in the entertainment industry after all these years, but the couple still lead a frugal and simple life and do not flaunt their wealth.

Donations last year built and equipped three pre-school classrooms and provided teacher training for the organisation’s pre-school education programmes in Yunnan, China, benefitting 300 children in total.

For the event this year, Plan has specially designed experiential zones in which participants will be able to experience in a small way the challenges and difficulties that underprivileged children in undeveloped areas have to face daily.

Participants may enjoy this special day with family and friends.