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Hit dating show of love

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All I can say this drama is so heart warming and the Best! Some holes are still there without being filled at the end but that's how life is, nothing is certain. This drama is not flawless, but sure it's a good one.This is the worst K-Drama I have watched as of yet. The story line was flawed and you will be confused as of what were the goals of the lead character. I'm just hoping that the ending (whether it's a happy or a sad one) will be neat and satisfying.

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For Jihoon and Woo Seung, I thought the plot was going toward them together (The drama I watch has lots of bestfriends end up together so I thought it will be the same).Gwang-Jae (Cha Tae-Hyun) is Hyun-Jae’s manager and popular singer Bo-Hee (Yoon Son-Ha) is his girlfriend. One moth later, his car is found by a lake and he is presumed dead.In 2017, Gwang-Jae now runs a small entertainment company.I really love it..are all good actors and actress and all song in the drama is all my favorite now i hope that the actors and actress in this drama will create a drama again soon.? The chemistry of all the main casts are amazing and don't ask about the story... Especially my second favorite would be kim taku baking king. I just knew this drama and finished by several days. But I think, it is not quite dramatic so the emotional feeling wasn't there. Especially when the scenes between Lee Deok Hwa with Mal Sook's boyfriend. Produce anothers drama I love this drama, I don't know if in Korea this drama get NR. I just finished the drama and I'd say ignoring the growing love lines once you get deeper into the story, it's quite interesting, fub, and light hearted. Everytime I watch every episode wide smile appears actors and actresses are great specially shi yoon and se young their chemistry is amazing to the point you want them two to be in a real relationship. But if you're expecting something more than - no it's not? I'm always excited when comes to weekend coz another new ep of TBH/ HTT ... T_T I've passed the phase of getting frustrated at the love triangle.But for me the drama have a good plot, it's unique. I really really like really appreciate I love the drama. Hyun-Jae and Woo-Seung was such a fun pair to watch and I actually rooted for them for them. By the end I just thought I'd like to see an entire season lead by Ji-Hoon, MC Drill, MJ, and Do Hye-Ri since their scenes never bore me, especially with MC Drill. If you don't listen or read the story well of course you wouldn't understand how good and well done this drama made. It's not masterpiece, not so well plotted all along the drama, in my opinion, but it just go with the flow of life. So if consider it as Slice of life drama, it's pretty good and very enjoyable. There were some moments that made me shed a tear and some that were so weird, but I loved this drama and thought the cast was perfect. but now this drama has end there goes my Sat & Sun.... I don't really care about that anymore, since the other things are more important than that.She wants a stable life, being affected by her mother who went through several divorces. After I finish watching it, I was reading other people reaction about it. Because real life is much more mess up and kdrama is like a fantasy that everyone wants. Spoiler ahead I read a lot of reviews where people can’t watch it because the girl end up with the father. For me, I don’t like watching that kind of story as well but here I don’t find it weird.

Back in 1993 and on the day Hyun-Jae disappears, a typhoon hits South Korea. I find it sad people are complaining about the plot how irrational it is. Maybe because Hyun Jae 1993 is like a different person than the Hyun Jae they all know.

He is nice but he make Woo Seung feel indebt to him instead of liking for what he did. As best friend the chemistry is good,as lover nope.

(I’m sorry but the actor as Jihoon is lacking in facial expression,but its understandable since he is still young and new).

If 1994 Hyun Jae died, 1993 Hyun Jae shouldn't be able to live on like that... Yoo Hyun-Jae as always you did a great job and Choi Woo-Seung you are just so perfect, why haven't I noticed u before? Its a funny and fun show don't put to much thought into it and just enjoy. Kim Min Jae is the actor to look out for, he will be a bright star. at first i was like mehh but it really kept going and made me interested its really a great drama ,.. Adios da bong and friends hop to see them again in another shows soon..

and even though 1993 Hyun Jae isn't "really" Ji Hoon's dad (because 1993 Hyun Jae didn't know Bo Hee yet), it is still weird that they paired Hyun Jae and Woo Seung together. There were some comic parts, and some things I enjoyed.. But my freaking realistic brain can't proccess the idea of stealing your son's crush?? How could he be so calm and even develop a relationship? I rarely watch drama and I think that the mysteries in this drama could be better instead of just giving the lazy excuse of two different universe of this Hyunjae and that Hyunjae, and putting that in the second last episode? It could really be better :) I really enjoy this drama, every episode was amazing. This drama is one of the best drama i have seen so far. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I enjoyed this kdrama a lot, a slice of life indeed! Now spreakin of the father-son triangle, peopl who says its unrealistic knows nothin like Jon Snow..

to Jihoon fan,sorry for commenting about him,he is young and has great potential hope he will succeed. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!! I knew Hyun Jae would fall in love with Woo Seung and Ji Hoon would not have a chance, and I knew Hyun Jae would travel back and meet his "second" self. #Sepanx I really love this drama because first, Donggu & Taehyun are on the main cast.