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) Alright, you’ve got the recipes, now you just need the party!

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Venture outside to sample the resort’s outdoorsy activities (bush crafts, tennis, kayaking, walks) and The Restaurant, which emphasises local, seasonal produce for brunch or dinner. The domes are open all year, but January to March offer the clearest views of the Milky Way. A selection of eco-pods, bell tents and a shepherd’s hut are dotted around a quiet, landscaped plot, accessed via an old courtyard with picnic benches and lots of parking.The space reflects both aspects – the space is stuffed with clashing colours, textiles and stonework. How about trying it from an oak four-poster bed in a spherical, transparent bubble?Finn Lough’s forest domes feature snow-globesque 180-degree transparent walls to gaze at the skies over Lough Erne.The most surprising element has to be the private, sound-proofed cinema. 021-4832005, Bookeen Hall, Co Galway Bookeen Hall has welcomed a congregation since the 1820s and now you can stay in the former Church of Ireland chapel.If you are still suffering from big-house envy, book a suite upstairs for about €200-€250 per night. It might be overwhelming to think of spending a night in a place of worship – with a small graveyard for company – but it feels more like a tranquil retreat and is just 20 minutes from Galway.At Wicklow Head Lighthouse, guests sleep in the actual lighthouse tower.

High arched windows, 27 in total, set into 1m thick walls ensure inspiring views of the Irish Sea.

Look for the recipes that the Divas have personally tried – we’ve got some great bonus tips for you! You can also split the dough in half and do half oatmeal raisin and the other half chocolate/butterscotch chip. are SUPER addictive and are my ‘go-to’ cookie because they are easy to make. – Maybe it’s just me, but these are SO Christmas – we had a neighbor that brought them to the Christmas Cookie Exchange every single year and I always looked forward to it.

We only selected our favorite recipes (or recipes from our favorite places, that we just – These are my Dad’s favorite! Side note: whenever I make cookies that require flour, I always use bread flour, it makes them cook up nicely. Use silicone cupcake wrappers so you can make them over and over!

– There are so many varieties of puppy chow and they’re always a hit.

It’s the perfect quick and easy option for a Cookie Exchange as long as you bring along some adorable bags for people to scoop their treats into.

It’s got invites, decor and awards, all you have to do is PRINT!!