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The 8 stages of dating

This morning, I woke up before my husband, looked in the fridge and found only three eggs. Note: I’ve written these stages from the female point of view, because, after all, I’m a female. You drive to the store to get more, so you can make you and your special love interest omelets. In these stages, I’m using eggs as an example, but it might be chocolate or English muffins or something else that you and your spouse both love and also tend to run out of before it’s time for the next grocery store run. Stage 5: The honeymoon is so over that you can’t even remember why you ever wanted to travel with him in the first place You wake up. You eat them so he can’t have them, because he doesn’t deserve them.

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The stronger the obsession, the more diligent the hunt. Stage 3: You just got home from the honeymoon You wake up. He may or may not be disappointed, depending on how many weeks have passed since the honeymoon. You wake up your husband and explain the egg situation. I’ll just have a slice of toast.” He’s under the misguided impression that he’ll get morning sex for this gesture. It is a similar place to Maslow's self-actualization.In the balanced stage, you come to understand and accept all that life offers.You realize nothing is either "good" or "bad." Everything has an equal balance of positivity and negativity. You accept all life has to offer as being exactly as it is meant to be.

How you experience things simply depends on where you place your focus. You are truly able to accept and embrace life and people exactly as they are.

Worse yet, she might be seen cruising bars or other public places looking for a partner.

Worst of all, she might find a prospective partner but have her overtures rebuked.

Was it good that you found out now, instead of later?

Are there opportunities you can now take advantage of you wouldn't have done while married? Have you met wonderful people as the result of being single?

Did you learn something very important about yourself?