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Key organizations included the United Mexican American Students (UMAS), the Brown Berets, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/Chicano de Aztlan (MECh A), United Farmworker Cooperative, El Teatro del Piojo, El Centro de la Raza, the Concilio for Spanish Speaking, SEAMAR Community Health Centers, and radio station KDNA.This page introduces the Chicano Movement in Washington State History Project.

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Susana Martinez to get state colleges to cut the number of hours needed to earn a degree. — The University of New Mexico is among 50 flagship universities seeing a large wave of applications.Taking inspiration from Caesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers movement, but linking farmworker struggles with movements for justice in cities and schools, the Chicano/a movement developed strong and uncompromising tactics that brought it visibility and important victories.The Chicano/a Movement made an important impact on Washington state.Links above and below lead to oral histories, several photographic collections, rare documents, important essays, and an archive of digitized newspaper articles, nearly 300 in number.These materials have been created and assembled with the cooperation of MECh A de UW.Oscar Rosales Casta Painted by UW students in a class led by Marylou Gomez and supervised by Prof.

Luis Ramirez, this mural is an example of the thriving Chicano Arts movement that went hand in hand with Chicano political activism.

Hispanic Americans had migrated through the Pacific Northwest since before statehood.

Following an influx of bracero farm workers in Eastern Washington during World War II, their numbers grew steadily and had become significant in Washington State by the 1960s.

The movement in Washington emerged in two locales: in the Yakima Valley, which was home to most of the state's Latinos, and in Seattle and especially the University of Washington, where Chicano students launched many new initiatives.

Reflecting the split geography, the movement linked together campaigns to organize and support farmworkers with projects that served urban communities and educational agendas.

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