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Who is siohvaughn wade dating

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I knew that telling on him wasn't going to go well.'She said there has been incident after incident of her ex-husband keeping the children from her – at one point even sending them to Illinois when she was about to fly to Florida to see them in July.As the courts ruled she is only allowed to see them in Florida, she was unable to visit the youngsters even though they were just 25 minutes away from her Chicago home, she said.

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The baller "was 100% involved in the process," Jason Arasheben, CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills, told E! "I made three personal visits to Miami to present different options until they found the perfect one.There's no money that can buy that kind of strength.'In the hours and weeks after, I cried and cried and I remember being scared when I’d see them again. I can't describe what it felt like to speak to them after 30 days.They were crying so hard they couldn’t even talk.''I was worried,' Siovhaughn said of his parenting.Wade said he now thinks they were 'too young' for such a committed relationship The memoir's portrayal of Wade, 30, is fiercely disputed by his ex-wife, who said she saw him harshly discipline their eldest son, Zaire, now 10, in a repeat of the own emotional abuse he suffered at the hands of his strict father.Despite an expert witness concluding that the children would be best placed with their mother in Chicago – with two visits to their father’s Miami home each month – the court gave Wade custody of the youngsters on March 11, 2011, a decision she puts down to his 'celebrity, influence and money'.Dwyane picked out the stone and they made the ring custom."Shortly after he popped the question, it was revealed that Wade had fathered a son named Xavier with a friend, Aja Metoyer.

Their baby was conceived while Wade and Union were on a brief break in 2013.

'I believed - and still do - that children need their dads and their moms in their lives.

Siohvaughn is a most loving, caring mother and the boys love and adore her just as they do me. that she was going to disregard orders and throw up every and any excuse to keep me from seeing them.'He added that his ex-wife's accusations of physical assault are false, as well as her claims that he had given her an STD ('She didn't get it from me!

Then in 2003, her husband's name, Dwyane Wade, was called fifth in the NBA draft – propelling them to a life of red carpets and hangers-on.

And while the fame meant they could enjoy a life of unimaginable wealth, it quickly sent their marriage plummeting to irrecoverable depths.

Some fairy tales begin a little differently than others, and for these famous couples, their love story is anything but traditional.