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Vb express 2016 database not updating

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c:\users\owner\documents\visual studio 2012\Projects\Web Application9\Web Application9\46 20 Web Application9 Error 8 Type ' My Sql Command' is not defined.

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If you want a more detailed advice, please let me know how many users will perform Read/Write or Read transactions, the size of the database and if the application will run in client-server mode in a LAN/WAN, Cloud or Remote Desktop environment.Make sure the namespace or the type is defined and contains at least one public member.Make sure the imported element name doesn't use any aliases.Bind variables are placeholders inside a SQL statement.When a database receives a SQL statement, it determines if the statement has already been executed and stored in memory. Cars ); in order to save changes in the dataset to the database, but the changes don't take place in the database. dani, please let me know if you get an asnwer to this.

I am not very familiar with Access database till now i was only programming to SQL Server but now it's time to do so.

I am building Win Forms application which will be using Access database and i have some question related to that point if you don't mind.

My application will be used by multiple users and there will be one access databsae.

In this section, you will add a button that enables client data changes to be saved back to the database.

The following section will show you how to test updating, inserting, and deleting the data.

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