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Ex boyfriend dating another girl

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But if you’re in a new relationship with a guy, big chances are, he’ll have an ex who’s now a good friend.Well, unless she dumped him first or found someone better.

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If your boyfriend’s very friendly with his ex, yes, he may have an affair with her.#1 He doesn’t like it when you read texts from his ex on his cell phone.At times, he even deletes the texts as soon as he reads them.As much as your boyfriend may convince you otherwise, there’s just no reason why exes have to stay friends or keep in touch with each other often.They broke up because of their incompatibilities, so what’s the point in staying friends anymore?Perhaps, your boyfriend or his ex is having second thoughts about their break up.

Or now that the guy’s all serious with you, his ex has started to realize just how special and wonderful he really is.

Does he expect you to give him his quiet space until he finishes the conversation?

#3 He behaves very awkwardly when he’s around you and bumps into her or gets her phone call.

And now that you’re dating someone else and are off limits, your ex may start to like you a lot more too. This is the biggest worry that most girls have to deal with when their boyfriend stays in touch with an ex.

After all, they’ve already shared a physical relationship.

If they are just friends, there shouldn’t be any awkwardness, should there? But your boyfriend doesn’t express his opinion to you even when you confront him.