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Joomla content not updating

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I've hunted on the web but cant find much apart from language issues and admin cache.Are you still advising to upgrade from 3.6.5 to 3.7.0 and are they working on 3.7.1 to fix any bugs? Dave Hi Phil Post 3.7.0 upgrade, I am wondering if anyone else has noticed sites that will load the home page featured articles on the first load, but when refreshed the "featured articles" do not display.

Now I realise I can't get articles to appear with a simple menu item that points to a single article or if I set the home page up to display featured articles.For help with this, please see this tutorial: How to clear your browser's cache I hope this helps, keep us updated!Thanks, - Brad Installing the Jot Cache Extension in Joomla 3 How to Optimize your Joomla Site How to move your Joomla application from a subfolder to the root folder.So, my suggestion would be to wait for the site to cache and then check the page hits again. Keep in mind too that when you install a template, it does not auto matically activate it.but not main articles, content or whatever the components content is on that page.

I have lots of sites working ok with the cache and I've tested it with the out of the box templates and I can't find any pattern as to what might be causing (or is common) to these few sites.

Hits not always accurate, but sometimes needed For those users needing this feature, it's usually recommended that they instead switch to a more accurate tracking system, like Google Analytics.

This though is an alternative, and doesn't actually present a solution to the problem at hand.

No errors after implementing the hacks, but I read further on a Joomla Forum that the failure to update hits may very well be due to the delay in the caching time. So if there are 3 pages in a article, for every user visit to that article, count is increased by 3.

So, I set the cache to 1 minute, as opposed to the default 15 minutes, and the page hits did update without any need to hack any files. We have made the step 3 changes in the template overriden and we are using Jooma shine's JSN Boot template.

If you have any problems getting this to work, feel free to post a comment below. Thank you once again Hello Elias, I'm not sure why your code wouldn't work in live versus the dev site. That's true but only at the first time you read an article. If anything happens after that, then you can always return to the backup point.