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This is what went down (damn it, again with the puns): They had to convince the bouncer they were, in fact, a couple, and after being grilled like Gerard Depardieu in that movie about a green card for several minutes, they were led to a locker room where they undressed.The place is huge with multiple levels, “old-school” decor, and a creepily named “mattress room”, where condoms and sheet coverings are laid out on a sea of mattresses side-by-side on the floor.

Great, not only are there sweaty people banging mere feet from where I get my mail, but now I have to worry that La Cosa Nostra is going to come after me for digging into their business. And yes, people are doing it en masse, while others basically stand around and watch. They’d seen someone actually emerge through the door, more than once, but said it’s always the owners, not patrons.The latest installment in Killer Covers’ “haven’t we seen this front someplace before? He did this under pseudonyms such as David Challon, John Dexter, Don Elliott, and Loren Beauchamp, the last of which he applied to “classics” on the order of Nurse Carolyn (1960), Sin on Wheels (1961), Campus Sex Club (1962). Although he’s known today as a prolific and award-winning science-fiction novelist, Robert Silverberg spent some of his early years concocting soft-porn tales.You're using an out-of-date web browser, which can cause websites to appear broken and have lots of security issues.For these reasons we don't support very old browsers.He said that his stripper friend suggested the field trip after a marathon day-drinking session.

He’s not a swinger, nor did he have any desire to partake in the festivities (cough *bull* cough), but he was curious about the place, so he went.

As the enticingly named Web site, Those Sexy Vintage Sleaze Books, explains it, Campus Sex Club was originally published in 1960 by Bedside Books as Campus Love Club.

It’s described as a “light, humorous” yarn “told in first-person by Metropolitan College sophomore Jeff Burnside, who starts off as an awkward virgin and soon becomes a master of ‘making’ the girls on campus.” I won’t go into all of the plotting particulars, since they’re quite well described at the Vintage Sleaze Books link provided above, but suffice to say that much of Beauchamp’s novel has to do with a secret fraternity and corresponding sorority that provide their members with guaranteed “sex and companionship--insuring [sic] that everyone has a new partner every night.

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On the plus side, he did let me take pictures from their fire escape of just how far back the sprawling building goes.