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For me, this was all “entertainment,” albeit of the public radio variety so there was also educational elements, but overall, I was using a tragic story about a murdered high school student as something to keep my misanthropy in check while riding the bus home in a snow storm. I guess if that’s true, then none of us should be watching or the news. With all due respect to religious customs that prohibit premartial dating or opposite-sex relations, it sure seems like some of the tension swirling about stemmed from the children’s fears of disappointing their parents.It seems pretty obvious that the second you forbid your child, especially a teenager, from doing something, that something will start to look pretty fucking tempting.

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Doesn’t it make you nervous that these bedrock presumptions of our criminal justice system are routinely batted away by jurors? What to know another one: Defendants are innocent until proven guilty. The person who was able to describe Best Buy because she used to steal from it. How about the porn store clerk who worked with Jay?(Forget what I said earlier about letting my kids date whomever they want: No porn store clerks. Definitely no porn stars.) In addition to feeling bad for Lee’s family and friends and anyone wrongly accused in this saga, I also feel bad for defense attorney, Christina Guitierrez.We use cookies to give you the best possible online experience.If you continue, we'll assume you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website.This criticism of white privilege reminds me of an article about Jill Soloway, creator of the Amazon hit .

In her effort to get her fictional narrative on the transgender experience right, she has 2 full-time transgender consultants and enacted a “transfirmative action program” that favors hiring transgender candidates over nontransgendered ones. I know it’s public radio, but maybe an extra hour of pledge drive might create a budget to hire consultants to be sure that the nuances of the cultures that are unfamiliar to Koenig et al and her listeners would be a useful investment.

It could be digging more deeply into defining success in order to stop chasing false idols.

It could be having more honest conversations in order to clear the past and make way for a new future.

She’s dead now and can’t defend herself or her so-called strategic decisions. It makes me cringe and pray that none of my professional orations end up on a podcast downloaded by 5 million people.

As I scrolled through websites discussing Serial and the murder, there was one other thing. All of the producers and creators of the show are white: Sarah Koenig, Julie Snyder, Emily Condon, Dana Chivvas.

It’s a welcome relief to get away from the Siberian conditions in the UK…also to have some precious space to reflect as I overlook native bush. My daughter has just completed 11 exams here in London. Morally wrong to put young kids through such intensity judging their cognitive capability through Maths and English, however it’s the system. At the end of the day it is fear that stops us from stepping into our greatness.