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A steady increase in developed land area in the watershed has occurred in recent decades, which allowed the use of time as a surrogate parameter for regional development in the construction of multiple factor linear models predicting the relative influences of precipitation, river discharge and developed land area on river water quality.

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Unfortunately, current settlement cases , like the one involving Rideau Regional, remind us that this just isn’t true.the tree is widely cultivated, and was cultivated early in human history.It has various uses in traditional medicine and as a source of food.Examples of the incurred mistreatment include, inhumane treatment and abuse at the hands of some of the staff, including physical and mental punishment for “acting out,” unnecessarily locking rooms to create a prison-like environment; unnecessarily medicating residents, refusing to allow residents to bathe regularly, and forcing residents to work without pay.” Claims of sexual abuse are also being made by residents, many of whom were children when the assaults took place.The Class Action also involves allegations that the provincial government is at fault for turning a blind eye to known and ongoing abuse.Currently, people that lived at Rideau or the other two sites are being asked to state the abuse they suffered, and are being promised a minimum of $2,000 in compensation for documenting the mistreatment incurred.

The 25-paged claims form categorizes abuse severity, with the most severe instances of abuse warranting $35,000 to $42,000.

The epithet of the latter may have been intended to denote a characteristic resembling Adiantum, the genus of maidenhair ferns.

The relationship of ginkgo to other plant groups remains uncertain.

Rideau Regional Centre in Smith Falls, and its sister facilities, Southwestern Regional and Huronia Regional Centre are finally being exposed.

The three institutional housing units, which housed people with developmental and/or physical disabilities, are being held to claims of abuse of their residents.

Models predicting water quality variables for discrete samples demonstrated that river flow was the major determinant of daily variability in alkalinity, conductivity, hardness and calcium levels, while still resolving the highly significant influence of watershed development on water quality.