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Free instant access web cams

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The image below shows the relationship between focal length of the camera, the field of view and the size of the sensor.

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You rush to plug that number into the equation you just learned but you are a bit confused. The specification refers to the Diagonal Field of View ( DFOV ).

It is obvious to you that since the aspect ratio is 16:9, the horizontal field of view is larger than the vertical field of view. The DFOV (see figure below) is the angle subtended by the diagonal of the camera sensor onto the center of the lens.

Now let’s say you have additional information about your camera.

For example, Logitech c920 camera specification states that it has a field of view of 78 degrees.

Turns out Apple doesn’t publish the specifications like ( focal length, sensor size etc. I did not need the exact value of the focal length, an approximate value in pixel dimensions was all that I was looking for.