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But by that time Knox had become such a focus of the media’s attention, and the putative sex games by an angel-faced killer such a cornerstone of the story, that the Italian prosecutors were not about to abandon their group murder theory, even though Patrick Lumumba was now out of the frame.Rudy Guede's palm print was on the bloodstained pillow under Kercher's hips. He also wore Nike trainers that were consistent with the bloody footprint on the floor One stumbling block was the total absence of evidence that Guede was with either Knox or Sollecito, or that he had ever met Sollecito.

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As it then turned out, it was a holiday week in Italy, and all four of the Italian men had gone away to visit their families.Even though Knox subsequently retracted her accusation, claiming she had been traumatised by police threats, the theory of the prosecutors now was that the murder proceeded from an orgy that got out of control.Meanwhile, on November 15 — a fortnight after Kercher’s death — the prints in her room were identified as belonging to Rudy Guede, a 20-year-old unemployed gardener from Ivory Coast, who fitted the description of the man seen running away.Meredith Kercher (pictured celebrating her 21st birthday), a 21-year-old exchange student from South London, was murdered in a cottage on the Via della Pergola in the Italian university city of Perugia The post-mortem could establish only a broad time frame for her death — between 8.55pm and 12.50am.There was also evidence of a burglary, since house keys, money, mobile phones and credit cards were missing and a rock had been thrown through the window of the adjoining room. At this site we collect free shemale porn galleries. So please bookmark this site and visit us again to see new ones.

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The two told police they were together at Sollecito’s flat all night.

Knox said they had smoked marijuana, watched a DVD of the French film Amelie and slept together.

His palm print was on the bloodstained pillow under Kercher’s hips. Guede also wore Nike trainers that were consistent with the bloody footprint on the floor.

This hard evidence unambiguously established that he was in Kercher’s room, had sexual contact with her, and left after her blood was spilled. A fortnight earlier he had met the Italian men living downstairs while playing basketball and, in the week of the murder, he went there to smoke hash with them. Guede, who had fled to Germany, was extradited back to Italy.

While two witnesses had seen Guede running away, no one had seen Knox or Sollecito with him at the cottage.