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I’m pretty sure the ultimate privilege is cheating your workers, sexually harassing 20 women, and then getting elected President Of The United States of America.There are other great privileges in this world, such as the ability to avoid paying taxes because you keep most of your assets in overseas ...

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She said that she could form no liking of an era that had tolerated such coarseness.Whenever things are not progressing as expected, it is a natural instinct to fall back to micromanagement, but it seldom truly cures the ill.It’s probable that your team disagrees with your vision or its feasibility – and that you’re either not listening to their feedback, or they don’t think you’d care.The old conversational UI is still there, in the background.But all the functions you want are now on tap, not commands to type.But now we’re really changing things up, killing off what was once our sacred cow — a Digit experience built on messaging.

We’ve redesigned our app with a graphical UI to make everything clearer and more intuitive.

It is for people who want to go beyond just being a manager and become a true leader.

Mc Carrick interviewed me a week ago, and we spoke about the issues of productivity, and especially how group ...

How widespread this new Neandertal behavior was is a ...

Of the many tragic aspects of predators such as Weinstein, one is the waste of a great creative partnership.

The Onion reminds us that we will surely someday have ... If so, this is the most dramatic ad-block caused bug that I’ve seen.