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Married dating in davis illinois

These were, indeed, the precursors to the modern, comfortable and convenient systems that Americans take for granted today.

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Known as Clover Lawn, it was the home of David Davis, the friend, mentor and campaign manager for Abraham Lincoln. The hams were smoked so they wouldnt spoil and hung in the meat house. Chickens were raised for frying and some of the hens were kept for eggs. In the winter time they would butcher two or three hogs to make hams, sausage, and lard. Esther Lilly1386,1387, born August 31, 1726 in Bristol, England1388,1389; died 1818 in Conewago, Pennsylvania1390,1391; married Dudley Diggs WFT Est. In the 1850s and 1860s, the citizens of Bloomington, Illinois (including Sarah and David Davis) endorsed many of the Whig political values that Abraham Lincoln had embraced.The Whig ideology espoused gentility and middle-class behavior, and Whigs argued that individuals could become successful if they adopted the values of self-initiative, self-discipline, and a solid work ethic.In 1836, after losing his bid to marry the beautiful young Sarah Walker, daughter of a Massachusetts probate judge, Davis settled in Bloomington, where he began practicing law.

After making a modest fortune, he married Sarah and the couple returned to Bloomington to set up housekeeping on what was then the western frontier.

At his death, his estate was valued at between four to five million dollars-a huge fortune in his day.

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Davis served as Senate president pro tempore from 1881 to 1883, and was known unofficially as "Mr.

Vice President." He retired from the Senate in 1883 and spent the remainder of his life at Clover Lawn.

In 1844, Davis won election as a Whig to the Illinois legislature, and four years later was elected Judge of Illinois' Eighth Judicial Circuit, where he served on the bench during Lincoln's remaining years as an attorney on the circuit.