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Their present range lies in humid forests south of the Congo River, where perhaps fewer than 10,000 bonobos survive.

In the past two decades many strands of knowledge have come together concerning a relatively unknown ape with an unorthodox repertoire of behavior: the bonobo.A German anato-mist, Ernst Schwarz, was scrutinizing a skull that had been ascribed to a juvenile chimpanzee because of its small size, when he realized that it belonged to an adult.Schwarz declared that he had stumbled on a new subspecies of chimpanzee.The bonobo is one of the last large mammals to be found by science.The creature was discovered in 1929 in a Belgian colonial museum, far from its lush African habitat.The subsequent divergence of the chimpanzee and the bonobo lines came much later, perhaps prompted by the chimpanzees need to adapt to relatively open, dry habitats.

In contrast, bonobos probably never left the protection of the trees.

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When the apes stand or walk upright, they look as if they stepped straight out of an artists impression of early hominids.

Not too long ago the savanna baboon was regarded as the best living model of the human ancestor.

A female gives birth to a single infant at intervals of between five and six years.