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In episode six, we preview the MCAA Tech Conference with an interview of one of the featured speakers, Nick Espinosa.Nick is a white-hat hacker that talks about cyber threats and security issues that contractors face every day.

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It is now available in both MSCA’s Resource Center and in Archived Webinars.Click and CONNECT with DATELINE, MSCA’s monthly newsletter!What you need to know to catch up on the latest news and information and all things – MSCA.The Mechanical Contractors Association of Omaha, Inc.has contributed an additional $3,000 to the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF) bringing the association’s total contributions to the Foundation to $141,500.OSHA’s new silica rule becomes enforceable on September 23, 2017.

MCAA has several silica safety resources that are available to members for free as a benefit of membership.

MCAA’s annual Technology Conference is the one place where mechanical contractors in construction, plumbing, and service can get tech info you can actually use.

Designed by contractors in your business, our goal is to provide takeaways for everyone attending.

This reported decision contains clear language supporting the use of the MCAA loss of labor productivity Factors and many citations to some of the authorities that are very important to MCAA member firms.

Now that we have most of 2017 in the rear view mirror and are looking forward to 2018, what do we know and how will this information affect the mechanical service industry? Kuehl’s informative education session on October 17 at MSCA CONNECT 2017!

So if you’re a CEO or an IT geek, Director of Operations or BIM ninja, or just about anyone else wanting to know where the mechanical industry is heading and how you can use that knowledge in your company NOW, this conference is for you.