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If she kicked him to the curb, she’d be the most reviled woman in British history.” Before 2002, the Church of England would not perform weddings of rulers to divorcées with living former spouses.

Thelma, Edward’s mistress, even suggested that Wallis be presented at court.By 1934, when Thelma was out of town, Wallis visited Edward on her sixth wedding anniversary, taking a two-month holiday with him while her spouse sailed for New York on business. that it was he, rather than Ernest, who fixed the drinks and handed around the canapes,” Morton writes.She seized upon what appeared to be “an emotional untangling between the prince and Thelma,” winning his heart and replacing her. Ernest, well aware of the bracelets and diamond hairpins that his wife had been given, simply “complained about the cost of insurance rather than what it said about his wife’s relationship.” Such affairs were commonplace, and when royalty was involved so much the more exciting.“She now knew a girl who knew a girl who danced — and more — with the Prince of Wales.It would soon be her turn to cut in,” Morton writes of her scheming, while married, to meet the future king.Other theories would “exercise powerful minds for years to come,” Morton writes. The wedding, which the royal family avoided, took place in France.

“She was a low-born sorceress who used her sexual abilities to seduce the prince, the future king in thrall to an obsession rather than love,” many thought. Edward’s brother George VI assumed the throne, and his daughter Queen Elizabeth followed.

She attended Maryland’s most expensive girls school and hobnobbed with society’s elite, learning early how to cultivate acquaintances for her own advantage.

Then, and in those circles, this meant marrying for standing and for money.

Soon after, the duke was installed as governor of the Bahamas; following the war, they returned to France, not permitted to ever live in England.

Wallis, incensed that she would never be queen, kept up appearances, pretending to cherish the smitten Edward when she really loved someone else.

“It was a total mess,” says Andrew Morton, author of “Wallis In Love: The Untold Life of the Duchess of Windsor, The Woman Who Changed the Monarchy” (Grand Central Publishing), out Tuesday.