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Through in the fact that the NHS is regionalised and therefor doesnt have the same buying power when it comes to everything from food to uniforms, and bedding to medicines, and those simple ideas MIGHT be a start to getting the NHS back up to scratch.The following year my wisdom teeth impacted and I had day surgery..back to near zilch.The whole point about health systems is that most people make zero demands on them until they need them and when they need them - is a lottery - with a few influential factors.When she had a sever stroke just prior to her death, again the care was fantastic.There DOES seem to be a massive difference in care and cleanliness throughout the UK which MUST be rectified.I know it would be costly, thou If USA, plans to emulate what we have, can't we afford to try to better our own system?

Which is frankly, rather good in comparison to having no health cover. Private medical insurances, is only as good as the hospital’s which it carries out it’s work in.

My personal demands on the NHS were - virtually zero.

Then I acquired a throat infection that got worse and couldn't drink and ended up spending 2 nights in hospital on several drips being rehydrated and treated with antibiotics.

I then had TWO YEARS of physiotherapy to regain the use of it. Eventually I was given CAT and MRI scans, again extremely expensive tests.

No way could we have afforded the cost of that without the NHS. More recently though, I was taken into hospital with a suspected brain tumour. All in all, not a great demand for a 40 something guy over his lifetime, but still very expensive when I did need it.

I can only praise the immediate care and aftercare, I received from NHS and there incredible staff.