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Unmoderated sex chat room

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However, in my opinion the trade-off is not worth it when it comes to kids playing on them.Hab Plus is a Habbo Hotel retro – in laymans terms, that is to say it’s an illegal copy of the original Habbo Hotel.In the real Habbo, you need to purchase the in-game currency – ‘credits’ – with real life cash, however in the retros, they are usually either free or are given out in mass amounts every so often (for example, Hab Plus gives out 150 credits every 15 minutes).…If this doesn’t worry you, then I don’t know what will.Uncensored chat Now, in any one of the rooms on Hab Plus (not just the more ‘explicit’ rooms above), you are potentially going to witness or be met with vulgar and crude language. Sex as a topic is about as far away from taboo as possible, the clearest example being that it’s not uncommon for people to message or ‘friend’ you out of the blue and then promptly ask if you want to date/cyber – essentially virtual sex. Here’s just a few: I know I’m a girl, so ‘boyfriend’ (or ‘boy freniren’, even) doesn’t make sense, but I made both a male and a female account, because I wanted to see if it was just a one-sided thing with boys hitting on girls, but it would seem that it’s not limited to one gender at all…Hab Plus (and I’m quite confident a lot of other retros) are quite simply bad.

There’s no real rules, and left to their own devices, the place has become somewhat of a hotbed for unruly behaviour.

First off, a handful of the kind of rooms that you can expect to see at any time… It may not sound like a bad place, but that is deliberate.

Running it are a group of players who had created what was essentially a brothel in another room similar to this, but it had been moderated and removed.

I could continue on for ages and ages with more screenshots, but we’d be here for ages…

if there’s enough interest I’ll do a part 2, but I hope from this you can see what I mean…

Despite the fact that strict chat filters can be activated - blocking inappropriate words and phrases - children are still susceptible to being targeted by online predators. Social games like this are often used as a platform to lure children away from the game and onto other platforms: eg., Facebook, Snapchat and even in some cases Skype.