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The period's mainstream works were the Tori-shiki 止利式 images of the Shaka Triad (shown above, by Kura-tukuri-no-Tori), the Asuka Daibutsu, the Guze Kannon, and many others.Tori-shiki sculpture was influenced by the Buddhist art of China’s Northern Wei 魏 kingdom (late 4th to 6th centuries).

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Equally baffling are the nut-like objects held in each hand by the attendants.The halo is known as Ikkō Sanzon Kōhai 一光三尊光背, meaning “single-light triad halo,” because all three figures are enveloped inside one halo.The halo and its pointed top are also known as Funagata Kōhai 舟形光背 or “boat-shaped halo.” Below text by Henry Smith at Columbia University From “Prince Shōtoku’s Temple, The Riddles of Hōryūji”The inscription on the Shaka triad describes, in essence, a legend that the statue was created as a life-size replica of Prince Shōtoku Taishi himself (the founder of Hōryūji Temple, the great patron of Early Buddhism in Japan).– Rude Mechanicals (K) Cirque, Jaqueline D – The Ceremony (GLA) Clay, Tamara – Demon’s Offer (GLA) Close, Amanda – Alien Resistance (K) Close, Amanda – Alien Tentacles () (K) Clover, Amanda – The Filthy Time Machine (GLA) Clover, Amanda – Governor Sara Polan is Mated by the Moose Monster (GLA) Clover, Amanda – Governor Sara Polan and the Horny Shifter War on Christmas (GLA) Cole, Layla – Hazing Moon (K) Coombes, Kerrianne – Beauty and the Beast () (K) Cox, Vanessa – Close Encounters: Taken by Alien Cavemen (GLA) Cox, Veronica – Three Play Ball (GLA) Crowl, Autumn – Barilamber and the Babe (GLA) Crowl, Autumn – Taken, Bound, and Bent Over by the Demon (GLA) Crowl, Autumn – Taken by the Troll (GLA) –D– Da Costa, Portia – Wesley and the Sex Zombies (GLA) Damodred, Artemis – Impreggnation (GLA) Daniels, Eliza – Abducted () (K) Davis, Lolita – The Dragon’s Sex Slave (GLA) Dawning, Dee – Alice in Eroticland (K) Dawson, Zoe – Monster Man (K) De la Cruz, Crystal – Chained in the Demon’s Lair (K) Dean, L. – Sturgis Rally Riders series (K) Dean, Mia – The Fae’s Fire (K) Demure, Celia – Phallus of the Stone God (GLA) Deschain, Natalie – Bride of the Storm God (GLA) Deschain, Natalie – Fucked in the Woods (GLA) Deschain, Natalie – Werewolf Pirates! (K) Deschain, Natalie – Werewolves in the Endzone (GLA) Desires, Mark – Curse of the Were-Jaguar (GLA) Desires, Mark – Snared by Temptation (GLA) Devereaux, V. – Demon’s Kiss () (K) Fox, Michelle – Burning For Him (K) Fox, Michelle – Cropped (GLA) Fox, Michelle – First Moon (K) Fox, Michelle – Ghosts of Desire (K) Fox, Michelle – Werewolf Menage Erotica (A) Francis, Rose – Trapped (K) Freed, Adeline – Delivered to the Cave Dweller King (GLA) Frost, Faith – Death Comes in Her (GLA) –G– Gabriel, Reese – Nyssa’s Guardian () (K) Giffin, T. – His Favorite Plant (K) Glenn, Bree – Taken by the Great Green Lizard (GLA) Grabbit, Jessica – Gangbanged in a Winter Wonderland (GLA) Grace, Tina – Thrown to the Wolves (GLA) Grant, Jeniffer – Dominated by Aliens: Lizard Leaders (K) Gray, Nathalie – Thrill of the Hunt (A) Green, Jess – Bigfoot Fucks Sisters (GLA) Green, Jess – Milked by Bigfoot (GLA) Grey, Lola – Lair of the Beastmen (K) Grey, T. – Jace () (K) Griffin, Laura – Nightfall (K) Guest, Kevin – The Haunting of Pussy Willow Manor (K) Gunn, Chelsea – Stuffed by the Lumberjack (K) Gunn, Darcy – Taken by My Shadow (K) –H– Hackett, Anna – Time Thief () (K) Johnson, Moctezuma – Triangulum Stain: Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos (GLA) Jones, E. – Demon Strokes (K) Jones, Joan – The 22 Year Old Virgin’s First Island Trip (A) Jones, Sophia – The Pharaoh and the Curator (K) Jordan, Sophie – Wicked in Your Arms (A) July, Della – In the Dorm (GLA) –K– Katsaros, Diana – Taken by the Satyrs (GLA) Keep, J. Bronze 青銅 and copper 銅 were the most popular sculpting materials (as well as dry lacquer 乾漆像 and clay 塑像 by the Nara era).

Wood statues too were mostly imported or copied from Korean and Chinese models, but it wasn’t until the late 7th century that wood statues exceeded bronze sculptures in popularity.

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Korea and China bring Buddhism to Japan during the Asuka Period, with the earliest sculptures and texts imported first from Korea then China.

Legend says the central statue was made in the image of Prince Shōtoku Taishi. Reportedly made by Kuratsukuri no Tori 鞍作止利, a Chinese (or perhaps Korean) emigrant who founded the Tori Busshi 止利仏師 school of early Buddhist sculpture in Japan.

Buddhist images of the Asuka Period were made primarily by artisans from Korea & China who lived in Japan.

– The False Prince (A) Night, Nikki – Violated by the Vine Voth (GLA) Ngithside, Nadia – Renaissance Fair Love Spell (K) Nix, Haley – The Bear’s Lust (K) Noir, Roxie – Her First Rodeo (K) Noir, Roxie – The Centaurs and the False Maiden () (K) Ophelia – Taken by the Enemy (K) Orsino, Leona – Bear Night (K) Orsino, Leona – Furever Yours (K) –P– Parker, Sylvia – Intensely Hot Erotica Bundle (K) Parsons, Persephone – Mounted by the Minotaur () (K) Pineiro, Caridad – Ghost of a Chance (K) Pink, Virginia – Gardens in the Rain (K) Porter, Madelyn – Let the Wild Out (K) Potisto, Jessica – Cavewoman: Spread Wide (GLA) Press, Sock Drawer – Camping with the Boys (A) Pressey, Rose – Forever Charmed () (K) Probe, Ann L.