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Professor dating a former student

Some people truly put their future on the line for love.

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At the university level, it’s likely that students will have professors close to their age.College polled 2,000 current and former students, and the results were telling.Over 52 percent of people polled said they’d fantasized about a professor before, but 48 percent said they would not engage in an affair with one.The idea that students can date their professors is becoming increasingly normalized on college campuses.Freshmen Veterinary Technology student Ajiona Lunsford, explained her mother’s personal experience in which her relationship with her professor extended beyond the classroom.Suspension, the teacher being fired, expulsion or even legal action depending on the situation.

Florida A&M University Security Guard Sharon Moore saw the outcome of a student-teacher relationship that took place here at FAMU.

For justified reasons, there are many students who are scared to grow close to their professors in fear that boundaries may be crossed.

It is traditionally considered taboo to pursue these types of relationships with professors.

At this point in college, we are grown.” Attraction between students and professors are not unrealistic with how often these parties interact.

Most students spend a majority of their time communicating with faculty through lectures, major based extracurricular activities or meet-ups during office hours.

“Back in the day, my mom dated her professor when she attended Hampton University,” Lunsford said.