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In this capacity, in the 1930s, he was involved in promoting Albania's trade relations with the German Reich.

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But the Serbian thirst for conquest has now found a means of destroying the fair dream of this courageous and freedom-loving people before it can be realized.On the eastern banks of the Adriatic, a mere three days journey from Vienna, live an autochthonous people who for centuries have been fighting for their freedom and independence against enemies and oppressors of all types.This nation has clung steadfast to its roots through countless wars and the cataclysms of history.'Albania's Golgotha', originally published in German, is a compilation of rare news reports which seeped out of Kosova at the time of the Balkan wars.The Ottoman Empire, which had ruled Kosova for five centuries, was in disarray.Leo Freundlich, who had married a second time, remained in Geneva during the Second World War, where he lived in relative poverty and was supported financially by his children.

After the communist takeover in Albania, he is known to have written a letter to Koçi Xoxe (1917-1949), deputy prime minister from 1946-1948, requesting - unsuccessfully - to be made honorary consul in Vienna once again.

With her contacts among leading Social Democrats in Vienna such as Karl Renner, Emmy Freundlich (1878-1948) went on to become a noted writer and political figure of the Austrian cooperative movement, and president of the International Cooperative Women's Guild (1921-1948).

Leo Freundlich, for his part, after the publication of 'Albania's Golgotha' in 1913, had first direct contacts with Albania as a soldier with Austro-Hungarian forces in the country in World War I.

With the newspaper and the Konsumverein facing financial difficulties, he was forced to resign from the Reichsrat in 1910 after the defeat of the German socialists in northern Bohemia.

Shortly thereafter, the couple divorced in Merano in southern Tyrolia, and had no more contact with one another, although Leo maintained links with his children, whom he visited regularly.

He later joined the service of Ahmet Zogu (1895-1961), subsequently King Zog of Albania (r.