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Jennifer love hewitt dating ross mccall

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I would drive the teachers nuts but they were kind of charmed by it I think," he says of his schooldays."I'd find myself in history class writing a play while I was supposed to be studying.

"I get it, but I got that out of my system at 17."Working from such a young age has also made him incredibly self sufficient."I'm very close to my family but I don't get homesick", he says."I was living in B&Bs from an early age with a chaperone.It was at that point he got the opportunity to audition for Band of Brothers, along with every other young male actor in the country.The widely acclaimed HBO series, which told the story of ten American soldiers in Europe in the Second World War, was produced by Tom Hanks and became a springboard for everyone who worked on it.Sitting on one of the overstuffed couches at the Chateau Marmont Hotel, Mc Call exudes the kind of confident disposition that comes with a successful Hollywood career.

But he's worked hard for it: he started acting professionally when he was 11.

It's iconic and guys of all ages still come up to me to talk about it," he says, revealing that Hanks has since become a personal friend and mentor."I like the way he handles himself," he says simply.

"In Hollywood you see so many trainwrecks, so many people doing the 'cool f***-up' thing but he's been married for years and you never see him do anything stupid.

No-one in his family worked in show business – his older brother, and best friend, Stuart, is a Sussex policeman ("I do it on telly, he does it for real"), and his mum Maggie, now retired, was a nurse.

On top of that, he only spent a year at drama school.

It's been that way since childhood.""I'm a member of the Los Angeles Celtic Supporters Club," he says, flashing his most charming grin.