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Tech behemoths like Intel have fought to maintain relevancy by adding cutting edge technology like 3D Real Sense cameras into their smartphones: “The 3D camera can go deep inside images to determine the size, shape and contours of objects.

And then virtual reality, which has largely been associated with stereoscopic headphone, whether it’s Google Cardboard, or some of the other types of devices.” In mixed reality, computer-generated images are layered on top of the real world.The next two topics discussed have long been considered the most enthralling frontiers of live streaming — integration into 3D experiences and Virtual Reality.This section of the market is still in its infancy, yet many intriguing examples of how the technology will augment traditional content viewing have surfaced.You can even show your appreciation by tipping the babes!Sign up now to xx Xpanded to access exclusive member offers, extra site features and more! Live phonesex chat girls are horny and waiting for your calls. From fantasy to fetish our experienced adult chat girls are some of the best in the UK.

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The smartphone can be plugged into a headset — like a Google Cardboard — and real world images taken with the smartphone’s camera can be played back as a 3D VR experience.

The 3D camera’s gesture and motion control features allow users to hold or interact with objects in a virtual world.”Last, but certainly not least, the real-life application (we hope) of a cinematic technique which has captivated the masses for decades in such classic flicks as in 1977, holographic technology — or at least its application — has been slow-moving, yet the endless possibilities for the beaming of holograms remain intriguing, as evidenced by the influx of capital flowing into virtual/augmented reality startups in the past few years.

Here are the five key trends Chris and Ryan believe will shape the future of live streaming.

Live streaming could provide existing non-video applications with an additional layer of virtual interaction.

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