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Cool intimidating team names

Well, as a pitcher Ohtani has thrown a fastball clocked at 102.6 mph. As a batter, he has produced a maximum exit velocity of 111.1 mph, and he once smashed a drive through the Tokyo Dome. And despite being 6-4 and weighing over 200 pounds, he's been clocked reaching first base in 3.9 seconds, which is Dee Gordon territory. So on paper, at least, Ohtani is an , something we haven't seen before.According to Anthony Bass, who played with Ohtani for the oddly-named Nippon Ham Fighters, he compares with Mike Trout and Bryce Harper as a player. And it sounds as if Ohtani will attempt to do something the Babe Moon Shots and Spitballs Gaylord Perry was a notoriously weak hitter.

Why is he being compared to the immortal Babe Ruth? But Ruth didn't throw 100-mph fastballs and he certainly didn't have that kind of speed.Gomez was the pitcher that day, and when he was asked how far the ball traveled, he said, "I don't know, but I do know it took somebody 45 minutes to go up there and get it back!" The big fish tale apparently grew and grew until it reached lunar proportions! in a roundabout way he helped create the TV show Player of the Year.As Roth was being carried off the field on a stretcher, Ashburn hit her with another foul ball, breaking another bone in her knee.The odds of a fan being hit by a baseball are 300,000 to 1.For seven major league seasons and over 300 plate appearances, he failed to hit a single dinger.

San Francisco Giants manager Alvin Dark joked with reporters, saying: "They'll put a man on the moon before Gaylord Perry hits a home run! But even Gaylord Perry had nothing on Bartolo Colon, who hit his first-ever home run when he was 42 years, 349 days old!

That's the first time he hit the cut-off man all year! A young boy named Tim Smith had Tug Mc Graw's baseball card taped to his bedroom wall.

One day he found his birth certificate and learned that Tug Mc Graw was his father. He grew up to become country music superstar Tim Mc Graw.

(But Sam Mc Dowell still insists that he was better with the ladies than Sam Malone!

) In his very first at-bat, future Hall of Fame knuckleballer Hoyt Wilhelm hit a home run.

Colon was also the oldest major leaguer to earn his first walk, which he did at the ripe young age of 43!