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All scripts here require you to have CGI access on your web server.If you do not have CGI-BIN access, you should look at the Free Search Engine Hosting Services page, which will host the search engine script for you.

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The former is generally easier to install (since you do not need to remember to re-index your site each time you update it), while the latter is more efficient for larger sites (it works faster and uses less server resources).CPC: This is the current average Cost Per Click on Google Ad Words for the keyword.Remember, there is no Cost Per Click for Exact Seek Featured Listings - you only pay a one-time flat fee.Safety Speed Manufacturing SAMES KREMLIN formerly EXEL North America Sand-Rite Manufacturing Sandman Products Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine Scarlett Machinery Inc. WOODWEB's search service responds by giving you a list of all the Web pages at our site relating to those topics. Stiles Machinery Stiles Shop Solutions Supergrit Abrasives T-Tool USA LLC Taghkanic CNC Services Taylor Craft Cabinet Door Company Techno CNC Systems Template Services The Machine Warehouse Thermwood Corporation Osborne Wood Products Outwater Plastics Paragon Enterprises Patrick Lumber Company PDS - Precision Drive Systems If your Search did not return any results, you may expand your search by choosing the "any terms" option and search again - or choose "Entire Site" from the drop down list and search again. review the search tips below and try your search again.Availability: Indicates if your selected keyword or related terms is/are available for purchase in our network.

A maximum of 30 featured listing ad spots are available for any given keyword term.

The search engine will attempt to eliminate unnecessary words in your searches, and adjust your spelling of Hebrew and Yiddish terms to match the way I spell those terms in the glossary and index, to increase the likelihood of getting complete and accurate results.

Avoid using words like "Jewish" or "Judaism" in your searches.

In addition, if you get an internal server error after installing your script, you may be interested in this article: Perl CGI Debugging: How to Solve a 500 Internal Server Error.

This is a Perl based search engine that builds either a flat-file text database or a My SQL database (at your option) at indexing time.

Words that are not in the list may get results; for example, there is no glossary entry for Egypt, so it won't appear in the hint list, but a search for Egypt gets several results. If your search gets no results, the search engine will show you a list of successful alternate searches that contain some of your terms, and the number of results each alternate search.