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With locker keys in hand, they head around the corner to the spa.

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The English-speaking couple asks for help and is led to a locker, where they stow their clothing.And well, yes, I was cold (freezing actually) but apparently bare legs are trendy during the Fashion Weeks period, so I guess this is a little inspiration in case you’re there !Plus, I couldn’t wait to wear this gorgeous dress and it definitely looked better without tights.Let's take a look at an American couple's visit to this well-known spa for a typical day visit.The visitors first check in at reception and pay for the service they desire in Swiss francs, also leaving a hefty deposit for two towels.They quickly realize that they are overdressed in their peach-colored towels.

Walking gingerly through the naked city, they peek at men and women in the altogether lingering languidly in the vapor baths and bubbling pools.

So what about you girls, ready to fight the cold for the sake of fashion ?

Inlovewithfashion dress Mixage heels Rocks Paper Metal necklace Balmain watch Sal y Limon bracelet (you can win a set of these here) Rien de tel qu’une belle robe et une paire de talons super hauts pour booster la confiance en soi.

Punishment: Attorney General Eric Holder, (left), Deputy Attorney General James Cole, (center), and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen walk off stage after a news conference at the Justice Department, on Monday, May 19, 2014, in Washington after announcing Credit Suisse's fine Holder, criticized last year after telling Congress that large banks had become hard to prosecute, appeared to foreshadow the guilty plea in a video message earlier this month in which he said no financial institution was 'too big to jail.'The report said Credit Suisse sent Swiss bankers to recruit American clients at golf tournaments and other events, encouraged U. customers to travel to Switzerland and actively helped them hide their assets.

The administration's action against Credit Suisse, a banking fixture on Wall Street, comes amid public outrage that boiled over from the financial crisis that plunged the economy into the deepest recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. government and Switzerland reached an agreement allowing Swiss banks to settle any potential U. charges if they disclose extensive information about their American clients, the value of their accounts and any help they received from tax professionals.

The bank will pay $1.8 billion in fines, he said, adding that Credit Suisse is the largest bank to plead guilty in 20 years.