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They are also responsible for conducting research for the Student Activities Board to discover not only what does and does not work, but also what students want us to bring to campus.

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These multicultural programs may take the form of speakers, debates, forums, musical groups, performances, and/or artist exhibits.These Cat Watch events give students the opportunity to watch UK basketball and enjoy food and prizes.Pinterest Parties provide crafting supplies and give students the opportunity to craft.Promotions The Promotions Committee is made up of technical and creative students that work on small projects with photography, video, written content, web, graphic design and guerrilla marketing to promote the board and events.Promotions chairs will be assigned to work under one of the promotions directors – the two co-directors of graphic design, public relations, media, and information technology.The Market Research Chairs get to learn and utilize real world strategies while gaining valuable skills for the future in a reputable organization.

Market Research is very vital to the success of SAB because we analyze and help determine the Boards events from our number one audience, students.

In the past, SAB has brought music acts like Chance the Rapper, The Lumineers, Brantley Gilbert, J. B., Jason Derulo, My Morning Jacket, Drake, Jason Mraz, Lil Wayne, Nappy Roots, Herbie Hancock, Black Violin, Story of the Year, and O. Click the picture to the left to see different events made possible by this director!

Cultural Arts The Cultural Arts Committee plans performances and gallery exhibits that feature art in all of its forms.

SAB brings more than 60 entertaining, educational and enriching programs that are reflective of contemporary issues and trends to campus each year.

These programs are designed to enhance the college experience for students, faculty, staff, and the greater Lexington community.

The Cultural Arts Committee is known to go outside the boundaries of the gallery and express art around the landscape of campus.